gain up to 45 minutes of extra driving a day



Main benefits of the device:

  • The device is completely legal – according to regul. ( EU) no 1266/2009
  • Driving time extended to 45 minutes per day
  • Easy to use, quick installation
  • 2 running modes (29 sec and 58 sec)
  • Car installation 12/24 V
  • Audible signal to warn of expiring time
  • Focus on safe driving without the need to use stopwatch
  • Possibility to use 29 sec driveway at any time (readiness is indicated by green LED) or 58 sec every 2 minutes

Benefits of mode 29

  • Saving driver’s working time.
  • Free vehicle re-positioning without interrupting the rest period.
  • Solving the problem of driving up on a FERRY, BORDER or in a TRAFFIC JAM.
  • The countdown of the time to switch the car starts when the vehicle starts.
  • After the time is counted down, you can move at any time
  • 29 seconds every minute.
  • An audible signal to inform you when the driving time is over.

Benefits of mode 58

  • Saving driver’s working time.
  • Free vehicle short drives without interrupting rest.
  • Solving the problem of short drives on the FERRY, BORDER or in the TRAFFIC JAM.
  • Countdown of time to re-position the car is synchronized with the tachograph, the driver is supposed to adapt to the TachoTimer signals.
  • 58 seconds every 2 minutes.
  • The audible signal, indicating the end of driving time.

Information about the device

Time is money! Time is money! Tacho-Timer will maximize your time and help you save up to 45 minutes a day of extra driving time. Use 29 or 58 seconds repeatedly for short drives, traffic congestion or rearranging your car. Tacho-Timer will enable you to extend your driving time effectively and will not expose you to interrupting the required rest (pause) in case you need to shift your car.

The new Tacho-Timer3 is a device that has 2 modes of operation:
  • In the first mode, the device divides the minute into 29 seconds and 31 seconds – during the first 29 seconds we can make a short ride by car without recording the drive. With this procedure, the tachograph will register rest instead of driving. If in particular minute the driving lasts from 1 to 29 seconds, followed by a break, the tachograph will register the break according to the rule of prevailing activity.
  • In the second mode, time is counted continuously. The lit red LED indicates stopping time, the green one – moving time. The countdown continues continuously – in descending order – no matter if the device is turned on. When the value on the display comes to zero – the green LED lights up, indicating the start of the driving time. The driver has as much as 58 seconds to pass and must comply with the Tacho-Timer3.
The TachoTimer’s beep alerts the driver that time is running out. From 10 seconds to 6 seconds it beeps every second, and from 6 seconds it beeps continuously to warn the driver to stop the vehicle. It’s a very important to switch the tachograph to rest mode in 29 seconds after stopping.
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions (mm)  Ø49,8×14
  • Weight (g) 30
  • Operating temperature range (oC) -20 do+ 80
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Power source (V) + 12 lub 24 (minus on ground) DC
  • Operating voltage  (V) 3,3 DC
  • Power consumption 20 mA
  • Mounting: double-sided tape 3M SJ 3550

How it works – legal information

On October 1, 2011, the law on new rules for driver activity with the digital tachograph came into force. The changes that have been made create an opportunity for transport companies to increase productivity and are particularly beneficial in cases where vehicles have multiple stops for loading or unloading. The so-called “1 minute rule” in digital tachographs, according to studies conducted in various European countries, indicate that a transport company can get an average of 45 minutes per day of additional driving time. TachoTimer makes it possible to navigate in traffic jams or to make so-called momentary climbs, short stopovers, keeping in mind, of course, the basic principle that in a given minute there must be more rest than driving. Thanks to the Tacho Timer device, we will always know when to stop the car without having to use a stopwatch, and a beep will signal the end of driving time.


Tacho Timer kupisz w serwisach tachografów w całym kraju